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Experience Luxury Medical Care with PX6 Virtual Services"

PX6 Medical Tourism VIP Services

PX6 Medical Tourism provides premier virtual services to those seeking round-the-clock access to personalized medical care. Our medical team provides essential support services, such as chronic care management, medical second opinion, medical record review, and continuity of care.

Physician talking to a happy patient.

VIP Clinical Opinion

PX6 Medical Tourism provides the highest quality of virtual healthcare services to those seeking a second opinion, medical record review, or expert medical opinion. Our experienced team of medical professionals ensure that all services are provided in a secure and confidential environment, and all consultations are completed via our convenient virtual service.

Patient connecting glucometer data to her smart watch.

Chronic Care Management

PX6 Medical Tourism is the perfect choice for patients with chronic medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Our Chronic Care Management program coordinates care between doctor and patient and provides the necessary guidance to ensure optimal disease management and healthy living.

Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Train

Continuity of care Service

PX6 Medical Tourism provides top-of-the-line continuity of care services to ensure that patients receive the care they need even after completing a clinic visit or surgical procedure. Our team specializes in providing comprehensive, ongoing care to patients when they return home, so you can be sure you are getting the care you need!

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